Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Small Group Written Research Presentations

In groups of four or five students set by the Intructor, deliver two written research projects over the course of the term, on a schedule of your choosing contracted in writing with the Instructor.
Update: each assignment is due in seminar.
  • Each will contain four hundred words of written work or equivalent per student.
  • Each project must be a cohesive whole: the format is open and can vary over the five assignments.
  • Projects project will analyse, evaluate and present a graphic novel, manga or comic in a specific social context.
  • Or, projects will detail the structure and effect of a formal aspect of a graphic novel, manga or comic: i.e. its visual, picture-plane, or verbal aspect.
  • The schedule must span a period of nine weeks, and no two projects may be scheduled on the same week.
  • All five presentations must be on a graphic novel, manga or comic not on the course required reading list.
  • One of the projects will be read by you as a presentation to the seminar and will form the basis of a ten-minute class discussion that you will lead

The essays can be creative in form, and will be judged on cohesiveness, explanatory effectiveness, creativity, and evenness of contribution across the group membership.

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