Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Individual Research Presentations

Deliver four brief research essays over the course of the term, on a schedule of your choosing contracted in writing with the Instructor.
Update: each assignment is due in seminar.
  • Each will be two hundred and fifty words in length.
  • The schedule must span a period of nine weeks, and no two essays may be scheduled on the same week.
  • Each will analyse and evaluate a putative literary quality of a graphic novel, manga or comic.
  • A minimum of three of the essays must treat of a primary course text; one may be on a text of your own chosing.
  • Include the bibliographic information, in MLA format, at the end of each essay.
  • One of the essays will be read by you as a presentation to the seminar and will form the basis of a ten-minute class discussion that you will lead

The essays will meet standards of scholarship, such as laid down in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th Edition), and will be graded on their content, structure, grammar and strength of research analysis.

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