Friday, October 9, 2009

Dachua: Classfellow's Photography

Classfellow A.K. took several pictures at Dachau concentration camp during a visit this past summer. Some samples are online for us at this link--helping visualise the experience, and contrast the modes of representation, in Spiegelman's Maus. The files number are glossed by A.K. as follows
  1. The gate to the camp-embossed with the now-notorious "Work sets you free" slogan
  2. The rows of foundations behind the one building. These are where the barracks used to stand. There are a couple that have been reconstructed.
  3. Map of all of the concentration camps in Europe.
  4. One of the signs in the memorial
  5. Upon entering the camp. To the right is a memorial monument, a black sculpture.
  6. The camp was covered in gravel so the Nazis could hear if anyone was trying to escape.

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